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Thursday, June 10, 2010


I'm a huge "Mac" fan because:
1. It's easier to use,
2. Computer viruses can not crash my Mac,
3. And especially because of it's design
But........I just seen an interesting post about how much of apple's current design are inspired by Dieter Rams, a key designer for "Braun" in the 60's.

'As designers we have a great responsibility," says Dieter Rams, the veteran German industrial designer who made Braun a household name from the late 1950s with products from minimalist radios to record players, alarm clocks to electric shavers. "I believe designers should eliminate the unnecessary," he says. "That means eliminating everything that is modish because this kind of thing is only short-lived."

Now, this could easily be Jonathan Ive speaking. The British-born designer of all those hugely successful Apple computers and digital electronic gizmos from iMac to iPod and iPhone has, in fact, shaped product after product in much the same spirit as his German predecessor.
See below if you do not believe me.

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