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Thursday, June 24, 2010



1. Michael Jackson- King of Pop Style

He is not only the King of Pop, he is also the King of Fashion. He was one of the biggest fashion trendsetters of all time and has inspired millions of people from around the globe.It's no surprise that Michael Jackson had not only a great influence in music and dance, but in fashion as well. He was never caught by the trends and popular fads of the moment. His fashion sense was composed of classic styles, with addition of his own touches like his trademark armbands and other military inspired accessories. Black, trilby-style hats and white socks, clearly visible above 'poor-boy' cropped trousers – and emphasised by the famous 'Moonwalk' – and oversized, leather jackets with exaggerated shoulders, were some of his trademarks, along with fanciful, embroidered jackets, groaning under the weight of gilded embellishment and worthy of a Viceroy of India, metal bandoleros and belts, and, even golden 'briefs', worn over his tight black trousers which drew further attention to his crotch.

2. Lady Gaga's phenomenon

The "Poker Face" princess has certainly become a cultural phenomenon: who else could both be voted Best and Worst Dressed at the Shockwaves NME Awards and inspire millions of fans (and some celebrities). But we have to admit when it comes to fashion, Gaga is fearless.
Although she was constantly said to rip-off the style of Roisin Murphy, Madonna and Gwen Stefani. Now another collage of images has surfaced showing evidence that there may be another artist that is a victim of the supposed “swagga jackin’”: Kelis.

Gaga stylist's are inspired by Kelis

One thing for sure is that Gaga is a true artist. She’s really a huge talent, and also has a unique vision. She’s always very creative.
Madonna was early to be one of those artists who thought more about the concept then just focusing on the one thing, and Gaga — that comes naturally for her. She sees her character and her career. Everything comes from her. Maybe she is inspired by Madonna , Kelis or Gwen, but everything she does, she is doing in her own way.

Gaga took inspiration from Gwen Stefani's album cover

Gaga took some inspiration (or copied her) from Grace Jones

Other not so popular singers are coping Gaga's style- Gaga's clone- Balkan singer (Jelena Karleusa)

3. Rihanna Short Hair Style

Pop singer Rihanna is no stranger to high fashion or daring makeup choices. She is almost as famous for her style chaos as she is for her chart topping hits. From drastic hair cuts to bold eye colors, Rihanna is a true style daredevil. When everyone is shaving one side of their head, Rihanna shows that she is a step ahead by shaving both sides.

Balkan singer, Seka Aleksic (left) copied Rihanna's style

Seka Aleksic became Rihanna's clone

4. The Madonna Look- Strike a Pose

When you think about clothes worn in the 80s, what is the most popular style that comes to mind? Madonna. The pop icon was discovered and elevated to her most popular days in the 1980’s. Her style was the most copied and sought after look. After all, Madonna was omnipresent in 80s culture, appearing on TV in many music videos, on the big screen in movies, on cassettes in every home and car, and in concert. Madonna had many looks during the 80’s. Her ability to perpetually re-style herself has certainly contributed to the longevity of her career. One was her most iconic looks from the 80s was the wavy hair with highlights. Girls went to the salons in droves to get the “poodle” looking perms so their hair was wavy too. A black tank top, skirt, dirty bleached blonde hair and an attitude.Madonna changed the fashion industry forever.

Here Gaga is Madonna's clone

5. David Beckham's Mohawk

In 2001 there was a phenomenon that was growing like a weed. Did you remember that many children were wearing Mohawk Haircut. This was the Beckham's haircut that really set the statement! This man was for real about being and looking different all the time. In 2002 David Beckham was all over magazines, billboards and TV commercials. His image was building over his work on the soccer field and his hairstyle becoming a conversational topic.

*In 2008 Victoria Beckham has brought the Bob back to the headlines in hair fashion. She took a classic cut, added her own unique twist and totally reinvented the hairstyle.Within days, women all over the world (including celebrities ) were at their salons requesting this fabulous cut.

6. Justin Timberlake - The man who helped bring fedoras—and sweater vests, and beards, and three-piece suits, and skinny ties—back

Justin Timberlake is the one who brought sexy back. Hyperbole aside, the man does know how to transform himself for a new age and a new fan base. First he cut the hair; then he trashed the wannabe hip-hop threads; then he put on a Fedora hat and a suit and showed the world he had what it took to come back after everything else he had been through. Being the most stylish in the US he adopted his step father’s banker style and made it his signature one. Why we included Timberlake on this list: not because of some effortless way he dresses or comports himself but because of the way he works at his style. Timberlake has a knack for targeting trends just before they crest. He might not spark them, but he's the guy who broadcasts them—whom we point to for making, say, hats popular again, or for making suits look like they were meant to be worn with sneakers, or for wearing a beard that's not quite a beard per se but is pretty much what every guy at the club wears these days.

Justin (left) and another artist inspired by Justin's style

Justin's clone(left)

Even actors are inspired by Justin's style

7. Eminem's bleached hair

In the late 90's and early 00's all the boys started to bleach their hair. It was right around the time when Eminem came up. Was Em the one that invented that? Obviously he didn't invent it, but he made it popular and blowing out of proportion.

Kids and teenagers were coping Eminem's hair color

8. John Lenon's eyeglasses

At the end of 1966 John Lennon started to wear glasses and then he never took them off. Very soon many adopted this style of glasses frame and till today we call them "John Lenonn Wheels eyeglasses".

9. The Kate Moss

She looks good in anything. She would look good in one of your T-shirts, in her T-shirt, in a man’s suit, in a huge gown. She looks amazing naked. She even makes nude look stylish. That is a style icon. She could put a barrel on and it would be some sort of statement.
There are two certainties in the world of the Brits: Rain, and the enduring style power of Miss Kate Moss. Before 2005, Hunter boots were worn by fisherman, World War II soldiers, and tough guys traversing the unpredictable Scotland terrain. And then Kate Moss waltzed into the Glastonbury festival in a pair (as both fashion statement and practical defense against many cubic tons of mud) and suddenly, stores couldn't keep 'em in stock. Her short shorts and Wellies combo quickly became an iconic part of "The Kate Moss Effect," one which is very much still being felt today.

10. Michael Jordan & Air Jordan

There was never much doubt that Michael Jordan would be a commanding sports figure, especially when he took the floor for the first time in 1984 wearing a Chicago Bulls jersey. He was one of those rare players who managed to be both humble and awesome, which made him eminently marketable.

It’s hard to imagine a sports figure larger than Michael Jordan. Even in retirement, Nike continues to make and market his Air Jordan shoe (and post profits). Competitive athletes in any sport are compared to him: "Tiger Woods" is the Michael Jordan of golf.” " Valentino Rossi " is the Michael Jordan of motorcycle racing.” Et cetera. Such an influence is Michael Jordan that Magic Johnson once famously said, “There’s Michael Jordan and then there is the rest of us.”

Celebrities wearing Air Jordan

11. Marilyn Monroe Sexuality

She was universally regarded as a sex symbol. The platinum blonde glamazon that was Monroe's public persona left an indelible mark on fashion. Yes, she was the iconic "sweater girl" of her era, but she has also been a clear style inspiration to many of today's celebrity notables, including Madonna, Lindsay Lohan, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga. Monroe famously wore a dress cut down to just above her navel to a Miss America Parade in 1952 - almost fifty years before Jennifer Lopez chose her green 2000 Grammy Awards dress.


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