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Monday, November 8, 2010


Last night I was watching MTV music awards that were held in Madrid. I was devastating from the dresses I saw at the red carpet. So here we go one by one...
1. Katy Perry- Oh my god! Does she have a stylist?!?! Ok, the red dress from the red carpet was pretty fun, but what about these green creation (or i don't know how to explain this dress). It was like she come out from a swamp....and the hair with the violet extension, oh my god, so kitchhhh!!!

2. Miley Cyrus- the dress was pretty amazing, but not for her and not for MTV music awards. She looked 10 years older, and those extensions look awful on her!
3. Taylor Momsen . She was sooo dark, gothic and in the same time so vulgar and chip.

4. Ke$ha. It's like when Cyndi Lauper meets Courtney Love. So dirty! What was with the hair, bad hair day, or worst hairdresser.
5. Rihanna hits the red carpet with wonderful rose gown. Even though I think that this is a dress that a film star should wear on Oscars night, not a pop singer at MTV music awards.
And finally, these are the best dressed celebrities (according to me) on Mtv music awards!

The End.

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