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Saturday, May 8, 2010


Anna Dello Russo is fashion director and creative consultant of Japanese Vogue. Although she lives and works in Italy, in Japan she is real star. Anna is also a character in Manga cartoon and offcourse style icon.

After the graduation in Italian Literature and History of art, Anna Dello Russo Anna started her carrier working as journalist for Condè Nast International. Subsequently she became editor for Vogue Italia and then editor in chief for Vogue Uomo. In 2006 Anna move to Tokyo and become creative director for Vogue Nippon. As fashion director and creative consultant for Vogue Nippon she still has an office in the Milanese quarter of Conde Nast but she spends most of her time contributing to the creative vision and branding of designers and fashion houses alike.

Despite her grand contributions to the international fashion community, Dello Russo is best known for her impressive wardrobe and incomprehensible fashion collection. Obsessed with image, Dello Russo admits that clothes are like a disease for her. She doesn’t just shop, she collects; buying clothing she might only wear once, if ever. She has an obsession with jewelry and accessories; including a collection of over 4000 pairs of shoes and keeps a display window of her favorite shoes and another for jewelry in one of her homes. She keeps a separate apartment exclusively for her clothing. Everything is tagged and enveloped; she keeps very accurate archives and dreams of one day having her own foundation.

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